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Group Classes


No partner necessary! Our in-studio group partner dance classes are 90 minutes long and are typically taught by two instructors. This method offers the most efficient way for learning:  Male students are able to learn directly from a male instructor while the female students are able to learn from a female instructor.

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NEW! Download the Studio 22 app to expedite your check-in for group classes & workshops.  (Available through the App Store and Google Play.)  Through the app, you can also:

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If you've already completed your New Student Registration and paid for classes, please arrive 15 minutes prior to class for check-in.  If you prefer to register/pay for classes in-studio, we recommend arriving 30 - 45 minutes early the first time you attend class at the studio so that you will have time to complete the New Student Forms and get checked in to class.  (We typically have a lot of people checking in the for class at the same time, and this will help to ensure you are not late to class.)  Please make sure to bring your driver's license with you if you are not using the app to check in!


Classes are taught as part of a series - either progressive or non-progressive - which includes all of the sessions taught in a single month (typically 4 or 5, depending upon how the calendar falls each month).  A series is taught on the same day, at the same time throughout the month.  (For example, if the first week of the class is on a Wednesday at 7:00 PM, students would continue taking class on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM throughout the month to attend all of the weeks in the series.)

Progressive (p) classes are broken up into a four-week series typically beginning at the start of every month. The first couple of weeks will focus on fundamental principles of the dance, music, and technique. Weeks 3 & 4 will apply those principles to various combinations. Because each class in the series builds on the previous week's information, entry into the series is only allowed during the first two weeks.

Non-progressive (np) classes focus on fundamental principles of the dance, music, and technique for the first half of each class.  In the second half of the class, students apply those principles to various combinations. Entry into the series is allowed at any time.

Class Level

Levels indicate the increasing amount of skill required for, and taught in the class.  Classes marked as Level 1 are intended for beginning level students with little to no prior experience.  In order to attend a Level 2 class, students must have been passed from Level 1; Level 3 classes require that the student be passed from Level 2, and so on.  Any student who has been passed into an upper-level (2+) class is welcome - and encouraged - to continue taking the lower level(s) of the class, as it helps to cement good technique and fundamentals.  (The best dancers never stop working on the basics!)

Classes marked with a single star (*) have a prerequisite in order to attend; the class description provides more details.  Instructor invitation is required to attend any class with 2 stars next to the name (**); these classes are typically for students who are part of a performance team or similar.  Items with 3 stars next to the name (***) are specialty workshops, classes, and events which cannot be redeemed using a Flex Package or Membership of any kind.

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Frequently Asked Questions Testimonials


Anya Demidova

Anya Demidova
Professional Instructor of Michael Irvin on Dancing with the Stars

Fantastic studio, quality instructors, and a warm community of dancers. When I was in Dallas for Dancing with the Stars I really enjoyed training Michael [Irvin] out of Studio 22.

Colin James.jpg
Colin Philip James

Colin Philip James
World Class Coach / Competition Adjudicator

Seeing is believing, I have heard much talk about the hottest studio in Dallas, Studio 22. Well I can confirm it's everything I have heard about plus much more. The whole studio is full of atmosphere from its decor to the teachers that work there. It's a fun place to be and a great place to learn and improve your dance. Sergey and Michelle make everyone feel welcome and head the team in an extremely well organized and professional manor. I was most happy to be a guest teacher there and look forward to returning in the near future.

amy vanderoef.jpg
Amy Vanderoef

Amy Vanderoef
WFAA "Good Morning Texas" Anchor

Best Dance Instruction in the DFW area.  Studio 22 has a large variety of different styles of partner dancing, offering group classes that can fit anyone’s budget.  When becoming a member of Studio 22’s dance community you can enjoy benefits of $10-$12 group classes, weekly parties, and specialty events.  I know first hand that Studio 22 is Dancing With the Stars’ “Studio of Choice” when they were shooting Mark Cuban, Michael Irvin, and Jake Pavelka.

Karen Carlton.jpg
Karen Carlton

Karen Carlton
Social & Competitive Dance Student

I have been a student of dance, both competitive and social, in the Dallas Area for the last ten years.  The welcome and warmth that you receive at Studio 22 far exceeds any of the other dance studio I have frequented.  It seems to be a challenge for studios to stay successful and in business as many have closed their doors or changed hands several times.  I think that Dallas has finally been offered a place where dancers of all types are welcomed and offered the highest quality of instruction (no matter the style), practice time on a floor that is superior - and a variety of social events that dancers need to hone their skill along with the fellowship and human contact that was the reason we started to dance in the first place.

Eric Cheung.jpg
Eric Cheung

Eric Cheung
Social Dance Student

I started taking social dance several years ago with swing and ballroom, and recently started taking salsa as well.  I’ve checked out close to a dozen venues in New York (where I’m originally from) and Texas over the past few years, and Studio 22 is my favorite place by a long shot.   The classes tend to move pretty quickly, but as a student, I think that’s what you want – you want to learn as much as you can during a short period of time.  The instructors also make learning fun and exciting.  In addition, rather than just focusing on learning steps and combinations, the instructors also spend time teaching proper technique and partnering more so than other places I’ve been to.  Aside from that, the facilities are quite new and the staff is friendly and inviting.  All in all, Studio 22 makes learning to dance fun and exciting, and demystifies the finer aspects of dance so that even an “Average Joe” like myself can learn and have fun at the same time.